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Kickserv changelog

Your Very Own QR Code




QR codes are everywhere now. Restaurants put them on tables so you can read their menu on your phone. Businesses put them on flyers. You can even scan one to send money (but you should probably check to make sure it isn't going to Nigeria first).

How'd you like your very own QR code for your business?


This one goes to the Contact Form for one of our demo businesses--you can scan it with your phone and see for yourself. To get your own code, look in Settings > Customer Center & Contact Form and click the QR Code tab.

Service Champions qr settings.png

Clicking the Download button underneath the code will save it to your computer.

So once you have the code, what then? Well, you can put it anywhere you want. Print a bunch of copies and put them in mailboxes. Stick it on the side of your truck (you could have it printed on a magnet if you like). Pin it to a bulletin board. Add it to your Facebook page. Even post it on a billboard. The sky's the limit. Wherever you put it, potential customers can scan the code and go right to your Contact Form to request service, directly from their mobile device.

How are you going to use your QR code? Let us know!