Kickserv changelog
Kickserv changelog

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Mobile performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Previously, we used our built-in search engine to display job information in the mobile app. Since the search engine doesn't update immediately, this sometimes meant a delay before new job data was visible on mobile. We've re-engineered the mobile app to pull job info directly from the main database. Now, if it's on the web app, you'll see it in the mobile app.

  • We also found and fixed some issues with saving dates on the mobile app. Go get the newest version for iOS or Android now!

Last service date

You can now see at a glance when you last completed a job for each customer, and what that job was. This will help identify customers you haven't reached out to in awhile, and maybe even bring you more business. Last service date has also been added to the standard customers report. (Protip: download the report as CSV, open in your favorite spreadsheet, and you can sort your customers by last visit.)

Note: we're backfilling the last service date for all customers in the system over the next few days, so if you don't see it on all your customers yet, check back later.

Dashboard changes

  • The blue box at the top of the dashboard now shows your key business metrics for the current month to date only. Previously, it showed a running total of all won opportunities, completed jobs, and paid invoices. This was not nearly as useful (and much slower to load).

  • The dashboard shows you a lot of information, but that came at a cost: heavy database operations and slow page loads. We've reworked the way we access dashboard data, and it should load much snappier now.

Fixed an iCal feed bug

Previously, a task with no end time would prevent your iCal feed from updating. This is now fixed.

More performance improvements (with more to come)

We've continued to hunt down and eradicate application slowdowns wherever we find them. Expect to see even more improvement throughout the rest of the year.