Kickserv changelog
Kickserv changelog

New pricing options





Pro Plus

New for September, we're offering another pricing plan. It includes all the same options as the Pro plan, along with unlimited users. No longer do you need to buy packs of 5--just upgrade your plan and get to work.

(If you've already purchased extra employees with your Pro plan and want to keep them, no worries. Those extra employees will remain as part of your subscription as long as you stay on your current plan.)

In addition to unlimited users, upgrading to the Pro Plus plan gets you free access to two of our most popular partner products: ReachEdge and ReachListings. That's a $188 per month value!

We're excited to offer you these products from ReachLocal. With them, you can:

  • Capture leads via online form and voicemail
  • Schedule and manage marketing campaigns
  • Record all incoming calls to insure proper bookings
  • Track delivery and performance of your promotions
  • ...and much more!

We're calling this plan Pro Plus, and you can get it for $299 a month. If you choose to pay annually, you'll save 20%.

Double the annual savings

Did you catch that? Paying annually is now an even better deal. If you choose to be billed yearly instead of monthly, you'll save an additional 10%. All annual subscriptions are now 20% cheaper than the monthly option.

Current annual subscribers will automatically receive the new lower price on their next renewal.

From our friends at ReachLocal

Whether or not the Pro Plus plan is right for you, all plans can now add ReachEdge and ReachListings a la carte, plus the following ReachLocal services:

  • ReachSites ($199/mo)
  • Reputation Management ($99/mo)
  • Chat ($99/mo for up to 1000 monthly visitors to your site)

Stay tuned for even more subscription options coming later this year!