Kickserv changelog
Kickserv changelog

New API documentation





This will make some of you very happy. The rest of you will say, "What's an API?" Either way, it's ok.

Kickserv's REST API is available at no extra cost to Kickserv subscribers. It lets you write your own custom code to interact with the Kickserv application. So if you've ever thought "Wouldn't it be nice if Kickserv could do (some custom thing)?", and you have some development experience--or know someone who does--you can make it happen with the API.

Unfortunately, our API documentation was sadly out of date for years. No longer.

Introducing the new API documentation.

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This page contains detailed information and instructions on every function of our API:

  • Required and optional parameters
  • data types
  • HTTP verbs
  • Notes

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What's more, all these details are generated directly from the source code, so everything will stay up to date.

We've saved the best part for last: you can try out every API call yourself right on the page. Click the Authorize button and enter your API token in both the username and password fields, and then close the dialog. Once you're authorized, click the Try it out button on any section of the documentation. Fill in the necessary parameters, and click Execute. You'll get back actual live data from your Kickserv account, along with the URL you used to get it. No more guessing or poking around your terminal.

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IMPORTANT: This is your actual live Kickserv data, so think twice before you hit the Execute button. Anything you add, update, or delete will be immediately added, updated, or deleted in your Kickserv account. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

You'll find a link to the new documentation on your profile page, right next to your API token. Give it a try and let us know what you think!