Kickserv changelog
Kickserv changelog

New and improved changelog (hint: you're reading it now)




Whenever we release a new feature or a significant change to the way Kickserv works, we post the details to our changelog so you can read about it. Unfortunately, the changelog was kind of hard to find—you had to find the link in the old help popup, and then you had to click on it to see if there was anything new. So we made some tweaks.

We added a Changelog item to the Profile menu at the bottom of the main navigation (that's the one with your picture and name). When there are unread posts in the changelog, you'll see a little badge next to the navigation, like so:

Franks : Dashboard 2021-11-17 14-44-50.png

When you click on it, naturally, you'll be taken to this changelog, where you can read about all the stuff we've been up to lately.

As you can see, we also moved the Feedback and Help links into this menu, to bring them a little more front-and-center, and because the footer at the bottom was getting pretty full (you never know, we might need to put a link to our TikTok down there one day).

Hope this helps keep you in the loop.