Kickserv changelog
Kickserv changelog

New (and improved) Contact Form




We recently announced changes to the way the Kickserv Contact Form works. Read the original update here). In order to simplify service, we’ve combined our existing contact form with a newer, more flexible form. The new form creates booking requests directly in your company’s inbox and provides an immediate way to get the conversation going. We just deployed one of the last pieces of that puzzle.


What this means for you: In addition to creating booking requests where our users can engage their customers in conversation, there’s an option added to directly create the booking request as an unscheduled opportunity.

Lastly, the old form is being retired, so we encourage anyone who currently has it embedded in their website to update to the new link that will be provided. This link can be found in the Contact Form panel of the Customer Center & Contact Form settings.

Contact Form Link.png