Kickserv changelog
Kickserv changelog

License numbers and other random bits of info




Do you have a piece of information you need to add to every invoice or estimate? Like, say, a contractor license number, a tax ID, or something else that you're required by industry regulations to display on all your customer-facing documents? You could use the Notes or Terms fields for this, but what if you need to display that license number in a more prominent location, or you use a custom document template?

If this applies to you, we added a new field that should help you out: the Company Identifier field. You'll find it in Settings > Company Information.


This is a free-form text field--that's internet-nerd lingo for "put anything you want in here, as long as it's 30 characters or less". And since we don't know what exactly you're going to use that field for, you'll want to include a descriptive label for it. Something like:

License #86-75309

or maybe

Tax ID: 123-45-6789

or even

Favorite Ice Cream: Pistachio

You could even double up:

Dogs: Good, Cats: Evil

If you enter text in that field, Kickserv will include it on all your estimates & invoices, right underneath your billing address, like so:


If you want to put it somewhere different, you can do that too. That's where our custom document templates come in.