Kickserv changelog
Kickserv changelog

Job list ordering and charge editing





Check your Easter basket! We made two highly-requested changes to the Kickserv interface.

Job ordering

First, for everyone that asked "Can I please have my jobs listed in newest to oldest order?", we heard you loud and clear. Not so fast, though! At least as many asked to have jobs sorted from oldest to newest. So we took care of both.

Your job lists will now remember the last way you sorted them, whether it's oldest first or newest first.

Go ahead and try it. Click the Starts On column header in any jobs list to sort your jobs the opposite direction. Close your browser, reopen it, and then go back to the page. Your jobs will stay where you put them. Go to a different tab or page, and it will remember its order as well. This works on all opportunities, jobs, and invoices lists--even the QuickBooks™ or Xero ones. (It does not work on the job lists for an individual customer yet, but we're working on that.)


While we were at it, we also saved your dispatch and calendar view settings. If you choose the day view and only want to see 10am to 4pm every day (bankers' hours?), go for it. You won't have to reselect those options every time you visit the page.

Charge editing

We also heard from a great many people who were tired of losing their place anytime they needed to edit a job charge in a long list of charges. We agree that scrolling you all the way back to the top of the list to edit a charge at the bottom was pretty silly and frustrating. Now, adding or editing a charge takes place in its own little window.


We hope this saves you a few clicks and helps you get your work done with less friction.