Introducing mobile credit card payments

Ever since we first released our mobile apps, accepting credit card payments has been the single most requested feature by a mile. And now it's here.

If you have version 3.4 or greater of the app, and you have enabled online credit card payment (powered by Stripe) inside the web application, you're all set.

Ready to give it a try? Here's how to accept a payment right from your mobile app.

On the Payments section of any unpaid invoice, you'll see a new "Credit Card Payment" button.


Tap on it and enter details, just like any other payment.


Tap Scan Credit Card. No special hardware needed--the app securely uses your device's camera to scan the card and submit the payment.


Other payment types can still be recorded by tapping the "Other Payment Types" button on the payments screen.

This one was a long time in coming. We hope it helps you finally get rid of that glovebox full of checks you've been having to carry around.

New API documentation

This will make some of you very happy. The rest of you will say, "What's an API?" Either way, it's ok.

Kickserv's REST API is available at no extra cost to Kickserv subscribers. It lets you write your own custom code to interact with the Kickserv application. So if you've ever thought "Wouldn't it be nice if Kickserv could do (some custom thing)?", and you have some development experience--or know someone who does--you can make it happen with the API.

Unfortunately, our API documentation was sadly out of date for years. No longer.

Introducing the new API documentation.

Slack - KickServ 2018-04-30 15-30-00.png

This page contains detailed information and instructions on every function of our API:

  • Required and optional parameters
  • data types
  • HTTP verbs
  • Notes

Monosnap 2018-04-30 15-31-11.png

What's more, all these details are generated directly from the source code, so everything will stay up to date.

We've saved the best part for last: you can try out every API call yourself right on the page. Click the Authorize button and enter your API token in both the username and password fields, and then close the dialog. Once you're authorized, click the Try it out button on any section of the documentation. Fill in the necessary parameters, and click Execute. You'll get back actual live data from your Kickserv account, along with the URL you used to get it. No more guessing or poking around your terminal.

Slack - KickServ 2018-04-30 15-57-13.png

IMPORTANT: This is your actual live Kickserv data, so think twice before you hit the Execute button. Anything you add, update, or delete will be immediately added, updated, or deleted in your Kickserv account. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

You'll find a link to the new documentation on your profile page, right next to your API token. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Job list ordering and charge editing

Check your Easter basket! We made two highly-requested changes to the Kickserv interface.

Job ordering

First, for everyone that asked "Can I please have my jobs listed in newest to oldest order?", we heard you loud and clear. Not so fast, though! At least as many asked to have jobs sorted from oldest to newest. So we took care of both.

Your job lists will now remember the last way you sorted them, whether it's oldest first or newest first.

Go ahead and try it. Click the Starts On column header in any jobs list to sort your jobs the opposite direction. Close your browser, reopen it, and then go back to the page. Your jobs will stay where you put them. Go to a different tab or page, and it will remember its order as well. This works on all opportunities, jobs, and invoices lists--even the QuickBooks™ or Xero ones. (It does not work on the job lists for an individual customer yet, but we're working on that.)


While we were at it, we also saved your dispatch and calendar view settings. If you choose the day view and only want to see 10am to 4pm every day (bankers' hours?), go for it. You won't have to reselect those options every time you visit the page.

Charge editing

We also heard from a great many people who were tired of losing their place anytime they needed to edit a job charge in a long list of charges. We agree that scrolling you all the way back to the top of the list to edit a charge at the bottom was pretty silly and frustrating. Now, adding or editing a charge takes place in its own little window.


We hope this saves you a few clicks and helps you get your work done with less friction.

Customer sources just got more useful

Knowing how a customer finds you can be just as significant to your business as the invoice they pay. If you know where they came from (Yellow Pages, radio and print ads, a referral from another customer), you know how your outreach efforts are doing. Knowledge is power.

You've always been able to store this information yourself in Kickserv. Just edit the contact and scroll down to the Additional Contact Information section.

Image 2018-03-09 16-58-28.png

Wouldn't it be great, though, if the customer could answer that for you? Now, they can. It's right on your Contact Form.

Franks : 2018-03-09 16-45-08.png

Do you have some customer sources that are for internal use only? Odds are you don't want your customer to be confused by seeing "Spring Ad Campaign #146" on the contact form. So we gave you the option to either show the source on the form or not. Go to Settings > Customer Sources and click the Edit button next to a source. You'll see an option called "Show this source on the Contact Form". Check or uncheck it. It's totally up to you.

Franks : Edit Customer Source 2018-03-09 16-49-37.png

Tip: If you don't mark any sources as public, the option will not be shown on the Contact Form, and all customers who fill out the form will be set to "Other". You can always change the customer source later if you want.

New pricing options

Journey back with us four years, to spring 2014. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won the Daytona 500. Jimmy Fallon became the new host of the Tonight Show. America emerged from the grip of the Polar Vortex (but there was no escaping the Frozen soundtrack). And Kickserv changed its pricing.

Now, just in time for spring 2018, we’re introducing all-new pricing.

No limits

Business and Premium plans now come with unlimited employees. No more paying for additional user logins! You can even add, assign, schedule, and notify subcontractors. Everyone's invited.

We also want to help you remove the limits on your company’s growth. So Kickserv’s Starter, Business, and Premium plans now come standard with the following packages:

  • Call and voice mail tracking integrated with your existing website
  • Lead nurturing emails to help keep prospects from slipping away
  • Free listing on up to 20 popular web directories
  • Reputation management tools to track and respond to online reviews

If you’re ready to take your service business to the next level, Kickserv is ready to help you get there.

More add-ons and services

Want to become a digital marketing ninja? We’ve got you covered. How about:

  • A customized marketing website that works seamlessly with all the features above
  • A live chat interface that’s available 24/7 to your prospects
  • Listings in up to 50 directories
  • A managed reputation service that responds to online reviewers on your behalf
  • Facebook, Yelp, and Google advertising

Save on accounting integrations and annual plans

Integration with QuickBooks™ Online or Xero is now included. That’s a savings of $10 a month. So if you were holding off on synchronizing Kickserv with your finance software, wait no longer. Also, just like before, you can get a 20% discount on any plan by paying annually.

Find all the details on our new pricing page.

Happy with your current plan? Keep it! No action is required for current Kickserv subscribers. However, you will no longer be able to change your add-ons (including additional users) on your old plan, and you won't be able to change to any of the older plans.

If you see something you like on one of our new plans, you can upgrade at any time, right from within Kickserv.

Let’s grow together in 2018.

What's new with Kickserv

Mobile performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Previously, we used our built-in search engine to display job information in the mobile app. Since the search engine doesn't update immediately, this sometimes meant a delay before new job data was visible on mobile. We've re-engineered the mobile app to pull job info directly from the main database. Now, if it's on the web app, you'll see it in the mobile app.

  • We also found and fixed some issues with saving dates on the mobile app. Go get the newest version for iOS or Android now!

Last service date

You can now see at a glance when you last completed a job for each customer, and what that job was. This will help identify customers you haven't reached out to in awhile, and maybe even bring you more business. Last service date has also been added to the standard customers report. (Protip: download the report as CSV, open in your favorite spreadsheet, and you can sort your customers by last visit.)

Note: we're backfilling the last service date for all customers in the system over the next few days, so if you don't see it on all your customers yet, check back later.

Dashboard changes

  • The blue box at the top of the dashboard now shows your key business metrics for the current month to date only. Previously, it showed a running total of all won opportunities, completed jobs, and paid invoices. This was not nearly as useful (and much slower to load).

  • The dashboard shows you a lot of information, but that came at a cost: heavy database operations and slow page loads. We've reworked the way we access dashboard data, and it should load much snappier now.

Fixed an iCal feed bug

Previously, a task with no end time would prevent your iCal feed from updating. This is now fixed.

More performance improvements (with more to come)

We've continued to hunt down and eradicate application slowdowns wherever we find them. Expect to see even more improvement throughout the rest of the year.

New pricing options

Pro Plus

New for September, we're offering another pricing plan. It includes all the same options as the Pro plan, along with unlimited users. No longer do you need to buy packs of 5--just upgrade your plan and get to work.

(If you've already purchased extra employees with your Pro plan and want to keep them, no worries. Those extra employees will remain as part of your subscription as long as you stay on your current plan.)

In addition to unlimited users, upgrading to the Pro Plus plan gets you free access to two of our most popular partner products: ReachEdge and ReachListings. That's a $188 per month value!

We're excited to offer you these products from ReachLocal. With them, you can:

  • Capture leads via online form and voicemail
  • Schedule and manage marketing campaigns
  • Record all incoming calls to insure proper bookings
  • Track delivery and performance of your promotions
  • ...and much more!

We're calling this plan Pro Plus, and you can get it for $299 a month. If you choose to pay annually, you'll save 20%.

Double the annual savings

Did you catch that? Paying annually is now an even better deal. If you choose to be billed yearly instead of monthly, you'll save an additional 10%. All annual subscriptions are now 20% cheaper than the monthly option.

Current annual subscribers will automatically receive the new lower price on their next renewal.

From our friends at ReachLocal

Whether or not the Pro Plus plan is right for you, all plans can now add ReachEdge and ReachListings a la carte, plus the following ReachLocal services:

  • ReachSites ($199/mo)
  • Reputation Management ($99/mo)
  • Chat ($99/mo for up to 1000 monthly visitors to your site)

Stay tuned for even more subscription options coming later this year!

Productivity Reporting

A little while ago, we added the Productivity Worksheet. It gave you the ability to divide up a job's revenue among your staff. Today, we're opening up full access to all that sweet data.


From the Reports page, clicking "Productivity (Summary)" shows you a high-level overview of all employees for the selected time frame. This will come in handy if you compensate technicians based on commission, if you'd like to encourage competition, or if you just want to see who your top performers are.

You'll see the following information:

  • Number of jobs
  • Total allocation amount for the employee
  • Total revenue
  • Average amount per job allocated to the employee
  • Average percentage allocated to the employee per job

Per Employee

Selecting "Productivity (Per Employee)" gives you a detailed view of all productivity data on a single employee for the selected time frame.

  • All jobs they received allocations for (job number and revenue)
  • Amount allocated to the employee for that job
  • Percentage allocated to the employee for the job

You can choose how many records to include on a single page by modifying the "Records Per Page" selector and clicking Run Report.

Click the "Download All" button to download all the productivity data for every employee for the selected time frame. The employee selector and "Records Per Page" selector will disable themselves (since you are downloading all employees) and the report type selector will switch to "CSV (Excel)".

Introducing the Productivity Worksheet

Do you ever have multiple technicians working on a project? Have a subcontractor that should receive a percentage of the proceeds? Need to track contributions to your bottom line for commission or evaluation purposes?

Now, you can:

You'll see the job's revenue (less any taxes) and a list of employees who worked on the job. Enter a percentage next to each or accept the defaults. Amounts will update dynamically.

You can choose to include or exclude any expenses for the job, and even set aside a portion for your company.

You can change the default percentage allocated to your company in the settings.

It's easier than splitting up the tab at a restaurant. Start tracking productivity now, and stay on the lookout for more productivity features--including the ability to use all this data in your reports!

QuickBooks and Xero sync updates

A few months back, we made a change to our accounting integrations to restrict editing of synced contacts in Kickserv. We did this to prevent accidental loss of data. Before we made this change, edits you made to contacts in Kickserv could be overwritten at any time by changes made in QuickBooks™ or Xero).

We'll be honest: this was our least popular change ever. We were amazed at how many of you preferred to edit your contacts in Kickserv, even with the risk of losing that data on a sync.

Today, we have some good news for you: we're bringing back editing of synced contacts, along with a few other improvements and tweaks to accounting sync. Read on!

Unless otherwise specified, the following information applies to QuickBooks™ Online, QuickBooks™ Desktop, and Xero. We have used "QuickBooks" here for clarity.

Contact Editing

When you enable QuickBooks, you will be given the choice of where to edit your contacts.

Customers that have previously configured their sync can change this setting via Settings > Add-ons > QuickBooks.

Edit in QuickBooks (default behavior)

If you choose to edit contacts in your accounting application, any contacts that have already been synced will be locked in Kickserv and must be edited in QuickBooks.

Tip: You can sync address changes from QuickBooks back to Kickserv by also making a change to the customer's name. This change can be temporary, like appending an 'x'. Then, any changes to the customer's address will be copied to Kickserv. You can change the name back in QuickBooks once the address has been synced.

Edit in Kickserv

If you instead choose to edit contacts in Kickserv, all contact and address changes you make to a contact in Kickserv will overwrite the data in QuickBooks. (You can also modify contacts in QuickBooks, but those changes will not sync to Kickserv.)

It's important to note that any contact added or edited in Kickserv will only be synced to QuickBooks if a Kickserv invoice has been generated for that contact.

Billing and Service Addresses

The contact's billing address in Kickserv will always correspond to its billing address in QuickBooks.

  • If the contact has a Kickserv service address, it will become the shipping address in QuickBooks.
  • If the contact does not have a Kickserv service address, QuickBooks will use Kickserv's billing address as the shipping address.

QuickBooks™ Desktop

All new customers created in QuickBooks™ Desktop will sync to Kickserv with the following conditions.

If the customer has a separate billing and shipping address in QuickBooks™ Desktop:

  • The Kickserv service address will be the QuickBooks™ Desktop shipping address.
  • The radio button on the customer edit page will be set to "Bill a different address".

If the customer does not have a shipping address in QuickBooks™ Desktop: Kickserv will use the QuickBooks™ Desktop billing address as both the billing and service address.

New setting: "First line of address contains customer name"

If this option is enabled, Kickserv will assume that the first line of the contact's billing address contains a name (as in the image below) and will disregard the first line on sync.

The second line of the address, which contains address information, will be used as Kickserv's Address 1. The remaining address lines, with the exception of city, state, ZIP, and country, will be combined and saved in Kickserv's Address 2 field.

Important: if this setting is chosen, all QuickBooks™ Desktop addresses must be consistent. They should all contain the name in the first line. If the setting is enabled, any customers that do not have the name in the first address line will have incorrect address information in QuickBooks™ Desktop.

If you want to turn this setting on, and your customer addresses are not consistent (some of them have the name in the first line and some don't), we recommend you drop a message to support before enabling it, and we'll see if we can help you get them sorted.

We believe these changes better reflect the way our customers sync their contacts, and hope they eliminate the need for pesky workarounds. As always, we're here to help if you have any questions.

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