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Expense Report


Kickserv now lets you report on your job expenses.

Just like other reports, you can select a date range. Expenses will be separated by job. Attachments show up in the report as clickable thumbnails.

You can also add expense values to a custom jobs report.

Now you can finally get rid of that pile of receipts on your desk!

One small step for an app... one giant leap for data integrity


If you've synced with QuickBooks or Xero, chances are you've run into this at some point: you went back and edited something on a contact, only to find your changes were overwritten the next time you synced.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Today, we took the first steps towards fixing this rather glaring omission in Kickserv’s sync behavior. When you attempt to edit a contact that has been synced, this is what you'll see:

If you want to make changes to your contact's info, you'll need to do it inside the other application (QuickBooks or Xero). This is an inconvenience, but we hope you'll agree that it's less inconvenient than having the other application overwrite your changes.

Of course, the best way to address this issue would be to allow editing of contact information from either Kickserv or your financial application of choice. Nothing would make us happier. Unfortunately, that's a tall order for a variety of technical reasons, but rest assured we're working on the problem.

Customer Text Notifications


You may have recently noticed this addition to the Contact Information form:

You guessed it. Starting today, your customers can receive event reminders via text message in addition to (or instead of) via email. They can set their preferences, and change their number if desired, in the Customer Account Center.

Print Multiple PDFs


You can now print multiple invoices to a single PDF for emailing or printing. Just select them all and click the "Print To PDF" button.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Expense Tracking


Starting this week, you can track expenses for any of your jobs.

Add images (such as receipts) to keep all the details organized.

You can even add a charge for the customer at the same time:

​ It's easy to add vendors as you go. Just start typing.

By default, only administrators will have access to expense features. To enable this for an employee, go to the Manage Users page, select the employee, check the desired permissions next to "Expenses", and click "Update permissions".

Look for more expense-related features to come, such as reporting on expenses (by technician and vendor), adding of expenses from mobile apps, and more.

Happy tracking!

Customer Notifications


Introducing a better way to keep in touch with your customers: on-demand notifications.

Before today, your customers could only be notified 24 hours before the scheduled start time of their job. Now, however, you can send send them a reminder when your technician is on the way, or whenever it's convenient.

The customer will receive a friendly email with the technician's photo, if they have uploaded one.

You can still send automated reminders, but now you have a lot more choices:

Address Mapping


Starting today, when entering or editing any address in Kickserv, you can select it from a list of addresses in Google rather than having to type in the whole thing. Your selected address appears on a map right next to the address information.

As a bonus, you can use Google Street View to get a sneak peek at the job site:

This is now available throughout the Kickserv web application. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

New Android App Released


We're excited to announce the latest version of our Android app!

At the office or in the field, the Kickserv app makes it easy to serve your customers and keep your field service team synchronized. Sales, job tracking, invoicing--all you need to keep your business running smoothly is in one simple (and mobile!) package.

With the Kickserv app, you and your field service workers can:

  • Easily follow job and technician status
  • Upload before and after photos of jobs
  • Enter in your time on a job for payroll and billing
  • Track your estimates and sales opportunities
  • Follow your invoices and track payments
  • Collect customer signature approval, right at the job site
  • Synchronize with Kickserv Web

Get it on the Google Play Store and try it out today!

iOS app update


We've just released version 2.3.1 of our iOS app. If you haven't yet upgraded from the previous version, now is the perfect time to do so. Get it from the App Store!

New Features:

  • Item list search
  • Editable item descriptions

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes occasional crash on larger item lists
  • Fixes issue that prevented some techs from viewing contacts

A few stocking stuffers


Email autosuggest

When sending estimates and invoices via email, you can now choose your recipients from a list of contacts and employees.

Signature printing is now optional

You can now choose whether to include signatures in printed estimates, work orders, and invoices (they are included by default).

Mobile and other numbers in job summary

The job summary now includes mobile, alternate and fax numbers.

Enjoy your holidays!

Fewer false positives when redacting sensitive data


We've made some improvements to how we handle potentially sensitive information. Previously, we redacted and masked credit card number data. Unfortunately, other types of information (like certain equipment and shipping tracking numbers) were mistakenly redacted as well. Yesterday, we updated our redaction algorithm so that it can better distinguish between false positives and actual credit card numbers.

Please let us know if you experience redaction of any non-credit-card data.

Improved charges form


We've updated the Job Charge form for improved performance on all devices, from mobile phones to desktops.

You'll notice the new form is much easier to read, and is touch-friendly.

Please let us know of any problems or questions regarding this new design.

Daily work order report fix


We fixed a bug that was causing the daily work order report to report inaccurate employee assignments.

Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes


We deployed a few fixes this morning that should improve performance on the Contact details page. We also fixed a bug that caused some event weirdness on the Resource view.

Finally, we pushed a few small improvements as outlined below:

  • Display contact information of customer AND company more logically on the PDFs
  • Add company email to PDFs
  • Align PDF labels on the charges table to the data below
  • Add a third phone field for Additional Contacts

Item search is back to normal


We fixed a bug that was preventing Item Search from working properly on the Item settings page. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Customer Reminders are here (and a bunch of other cool stuff, too)!


You can now enable automated customer reminders for your entire account. Customer reminders get sent out 24 hours before a scheduled Job or Opportunity (estimate appointment) if the customer has an email address available. You can find out more or enable the feature in Settings > Messaging Templates.

  • You can now mark contacts as active or inactive on the contact detail page:If you're using QuickBooks, customers marked as Inactive in QuickBooks will now show up as Inactive in Kickserv.
  • We fixed a bug that caused duplicated Jobs to show as Unscheduled even if they had a Scheduled Work event.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented the first Note from appearing on a contact detail page upon submission.
  • We deployed various bug fixes.
  • We wished our mothers a Happy Mother's Day.
Have a great week everybody!

Email Fix


We deployed a fix for a bug that prevented invoice and estimate emails to customers from autolinking to the Customer Account Center view.

Drag-and-drop Uploading


Attachments are 100% cooler than before! You can now drag-and-drop files (yes, multiple files!) directly onto job and contact pages to create attachments!

PO Numbers on Work Orders


PO Numbers are now visible on our default work order template.

Download your monthly invoice


Account owners: you can now download your monthly invoice PDFs on the Statement History page:

Mobile pricing visibility


Both iOS and Android apps now support the hide/show pricing toggle from the web app. That means people who should see prices will, and people who shouldn't see prices won't. Happy Monday!

Bug Fixes


We deployed a fix this morning for a broken image link that was causing the default avatar image to error. We also fixed a bug that was preventing employee availability from displaying properly on the resource calendar.

Calendar Improvements


We've pushed an update to the calendar this morning, which should improve performance. This is a large rewrite of some of the key pieces of the calendar, so please let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary.

In addition, we fixed a bug that prevented Marketing module users from selecting employee hours.

Thanks, and happy Tuesday!

New option for work orders & various bug fixes


We just deployed a change to our work order template, which allows you to display the billing address (or not) on work orders. You can set this option on the Document Settings page.

We also pushed a number of bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug which caused extraneous zeros to appear in the price fieldwhen editing a job charge
  • Adjusted percentages on the Marketing Source Sales Summary to be more accurate
  • Adjusted the product changelog to stop interfering on mobile devices when attempting to copy and paste
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Job to be created after submitting an Opportunity with an error
  • Improved the display of file attachments

Estimate Approval Bugfix


We fixed a small bug in our Customer Account Center that was preventing some customers from approving estimates when a signature was required.

More improvements today!


  • Introduced a new calendar setting to show events from canceled jobs.
  • Reorganized the calendar settings into a tidy dropdown menu.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed employees without job creation privileges to create a calendar event by double-clicking.
  • Fixed estimate, invoice, work order templates to properly respect address formatting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused new events to appear immediately on a technician's calendar, even if it wasn't assigned to them.
  • Correct a few miscellaneous bugs.

Thanks for tuning in!

Improved Marketing Module


We're really excited to announce some big improvements to our Marketing Module feature (we used to call this the Portal). We've taken a lot of your suggestions and incorporated them into this revised version, so thank you for your feedback!

Watch a short video that covers the basics of the Marketing Module.

The Marketing Module allows you to easily set up a publicly viewable marketing site, enable online booking, and communicate easily and effectively with your customers.

You can read detailed documentation about the Marketing Module in our newly released User Guide area. Over the coming months we'll be adding more and more content to the User Guide so it becomes the de facto standard for Kickserv documentation.

Document templates and custom reports


We deployed a few quick changes tonight. 

It's now possible to hide or show the detailed payments table on estimate and invoice templates. Just visit the Document Settings area and choose which you'd prefer.

We also tidied up the checkboxes throughout the Document Settings area.

And a minor change to custom reports - opportunity lost date is now a reportable field. Woo hoo!

Duplication fix on custom reports


With our database upgrades, we've been able to implement a new filter in custom reports that allows you to weed out duplicate records, when they're a problem.

On Job, Customer, and Job Charge reports, you can now choose an object (or objects) at the very bottom to be unique.

We've set some logical defaults for new reports, so make sure to double-check this new section when creating custom reports if you're seeing unexpected results.

Happy reporting!

A product changelog (and one tiny change)


We've implemented so we can keep you up-to-date on Kickserv enhancements and fixes. It's easily accessible from the account dropdown menu.

In addition, we've corrected the taborder attributes on the job charge form. This is a small change but will help our keyboard users more quickly navigate through creating a job charge.

Database maintenance cleanup


We spent a large part of last week tying up some loose ends with our database maintenance. We squashed a few bugs and fixed some custom reports. We are still adjusting a few custom reports for some of our users, so we thank you for your patience.

If you have an issue, please don't hesitate to let us know!

About the outage on Feb 14


This weekend, Kickserv was unavailable for an extended period of time. Part of this outage was planned, and part of it was unanticipated. We understand how much you rely on Kickserv to manage your business. This weekend, we failed to maintain the level of service you expect. We are very sorry for this, and would like to share with you what took place and the steps we’re taking to ensure you're able to access Kickserv.

Successful Planned Maintenance

At midnight GMT on Feb 14, we began our scheduled maintenance by bringing down our app and database servers. After testing the database work we were performing last week, we estimated a downtime of roughly 3 hours. The database maintenance was completed successfully within this 3-hour period, and we began to bring our servers back online at 02:02 GMT.

Unexpected Outage

By 02:40, all of our servers were running, but we began to notice severely slower response times as our database indexes were being rebuilt. Normally, this index rebuilding can happen concurrently as users are accessing the application, but higher-than-anticipated traffic on our servers prevented the indexes from being properly rebuilt.

As a result, we made the decision to limit access to the application while the indexes were being rebuilt. This took until approximately 08:16 GMT, when the servers were brought back up.

Future Plans

We consider a lengthy downtime like this unacceptable and always strive to provide the best service we can. We are very proud of our track record. Our average monthly uptime for 2015 was 99.974%.

That said, we need to do a better job in the future. Fortunately, this was a one-time, extensive database migration that will not need to happen again, and the new database implementation will allow us to develop features that were not possible before and provide improved speed and reliability as our servers stabilize over the next few days. We will continue to investigate improved methods of maintenance to limit any application downtime in the future.

Finally, we were made aware that some of our users were not notified of the planned maintenance. It is our responsibility to make sure you're informed of any lapses in service, and we have outlined a plan to ensure ALL of our users are notified in the future.

We also urge you to subscribe to status updates at our status page ( You will be notified by email of any outages or planned maintenance periods in the future.

Wrapping Things Up

We understand how important Kickserv is to enable your business to operate and succeed. The entire team at Kickserv would like to apologize for this unexpected outage. We will continue to investigate this incident and strive to improve our response in the future.

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